Removing your Instagram photos from Google

It has come to our attention that the main reason people end up on this support page is that it is listed on the Instagram Help page titled "How can I remove my images from Google search?".

Our Instagram app, InfinitGallery, does not host or directly make Instagram photos available online in a way that Google would find them, so it is not helpful to contact us to ask them to be removed since we can't help you do that.

If you (or another user) has posted a link to a photo in a public place like Twitter, Facebook or a blog, then you need to delete any such photos from Instagram to make the links to them invalid, or change your Instagram account to have private photos, which should invalidate a shared link that another user created.

Finally, there is a similarly named web page titled InstaGallery that you might be looking to contact. Their contact page is here.

Getting Support for Another Problem

If you are having some other type of problem with one of InfinitApps products, including InfinitGallery, Pyramid 13 and Watercooler, you can email us at for support.