Introductory price of $1.99
  • View Instagram photos taken by your friends. See an assortment of popular photos, view all the photos you've posted, or see all the photos you've liked.

  • Easily navigate to photos by the same person, taken in the same location, or with a tag from the photo being viewed.

  • Enjoy a photo you see? Quickly like it and see who else has. Or send the photographer a comment expressing your opinion.

  • Show any set of photos as a slideshow. Adjust the slide display time to taste. Use auto-repeat to keep a running display when your iPad or iPhone is docked at your desk.

  • Share your own photos or others you like with your friends by posting them to Facebook or Twitter or sending an email. You can even show them on a TV using video out or AirPlay to an Apple TV.

  • Switch to a grid view of any set of photos. If you want to get back to the same set later, save it as one of your favorite sets, or see the recent sets you've visited.

  • View comments with version 1.2's improved comment display which shows more of each comment in the list view, color codes them, and can translate one to your preferred language. Also, it's now easier to add tags to your photos.

  • Integrate with other apps: View photos in Safari or the Instagram app or copy the link. Save your own photos to your photo library, copy them to the clipboard, or print them to an AirPrint-compatible printer.