Chat with your friends and colleagues around the virtual water cooler. Keep track of multiple accounts from App.net and Twitter, all in one place on your iPhone or iPod touch.


Gestures and Shortcuts

What's Not Included

In order to help you make an informed decision, note that there are a few things Watercooler does not support at this point in time:

Some of these may be added in the future (for example, App.net push notifications). Due to the way the Twitter support is implemented using the iOS Twitter APIs, however, it's unlikely that push notifications or direct messages will be supported on Twitter in the near future.

URL Scheme

Watercooler has a URL scheme that can be used by other iOS apps to launch it and optionally take you to a specific account and view. You can use an application such as App Cubby's Launch Center Pro to create actions which take you to your App.net mentions, allow composing a new Tweet, and so on.